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About SAP PM Training in Hyderabad

SAP PM Training in Hyderabad

The SAP Plan Maintenance (PM) is a process by which the changes in plan data are applied to the SAP database. This process consists of two main tasks:

The first task is to identify the changes made at the material master and item level and apply them to other objects related to this change such as sales orders or purchase orders.

The second task deals with creating new data elements while processing existing ones.

The main objective of this process is to ensure data consistency across all objects related to a particular plan. The SAP Plan Maintenance (PM) module helps in automating various activities such as material master updates, item level changes, sales order processing, and purchase order creation.

J Training is one of the best institutes for SAP PM Training in Hyderabad for all the courses related to SAP and other IT courses. The institute provides the best training to all aspiring students who aspire to become a part of this field.

The institute has a team of highly skilled and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to providing the best training. The faculty members have years of experience in the field and are well-versed with all the latest technologies.

J Training provided placement Assistance for SAP PM Training in Hyderabad to all the students. The institute has a dedicated team of professionals who are responsible for placement assistance. They help students in finding their dream jobs and make sure that they get placed in one of the best companies.

Key Points of SAP PM Training in Hyderabad

Curriculum For SAP PM Training in Hyderabad

  • What is Integration
  • What is Middleware
  • What is SAP CPI
  • SAP CPI Certification
  • SAP Cloud Strategy
  • Technical System architecture
  • SAP CPI Tenant
  • SAP Cloud Cockpit
  • SAP CPI Tenant
  • SAP Data Centers
  • Secure Communication
  • Consuming Prepackaged Content
  • Configure Integration package
  • Modify pre packaged content
  • Prepackaged Content provided by SAP
  • Creating your own content Package
  • Hello CPI World
  • ODATA scenario
  • CPI Web UI Tool
  • SAP Cloud platform
  • SAP Cloud Connector
  • Content Modifier
  • Content enricher
  • Data transformation and mappings
  • Content based routing
  • Sender and Receiver steps
  • Integration process and Local Subprocess
  • Exception Subprocess
  • Events
  • Asynchronous Message Handling
  • Message Converter and Decoder
  • Splitter, Gather and Aggregator
  • Multicast and Join
  • Timer-Based Message Transfer
  • Structuring of Large integration flows
  • Multicast and Join
  • Message persistence Enhancement
  • Data Store Operation
  • Working with Value mappings
  • Groovy scripting and exception handling
  • SOAP Adapters
  • Success Factors Adapters
  • Mail Adapters
  • Twitter Adapter
  • OData Adapter
  • IDOC Adapter
  • HTTP Adapter
  • SFTP Adapter
  • Ariba Adapter
  • Developing Custom Adapter
  • RFC Adapter
  • FTP Adapter
  • AS2/AS4 Adapter
  • JMS Adapter
  • Monitor message operations
  • Manage integration content
  • Manage security material
  • Managing certificate to user mappings
  • Transport level Security Options (TLS)
  • Message-level Security Options (MLS)
  • Data Protection and Data flow Security
  • Certificate based Communication
  • Private Key and Public Key certificate
  • Digital Signature
  • Authentication and OAuth scenario
  • User administration and Authorization
  • Build complete end to end flow for a logistics Business
  • Warehouse Search
  • Consume iflows
  • Warehouse condition based routing
  • Consume iflows
  • Message conversions (XML to JSON, XML to CSV and vice versa)
  • Content enricher
  • Exception subprocess
  • Email alerts
  • Payload monitoring
  • Trace Function
  • Hybrid Deployments
  • Enhancement features
  • Security Credentials
  • Key Store
  • Number Range Objects
  • Connection test
  • Integration content management
  • Transport Management/span>
  • Cloud to On-Prem: SuccessFactors to SAP ERP HCM
  • SAp Cloud to Cloud: SuccessFactors to Hybris
  • SaaS to On-prem
  • SuccessFactors to 3rd party systems: SF to PS via SFTP
  • Setup Cloud Connectors

Some of the topics that are covered in the SAP PM Training in Hyderabad

Modes of Training - SAP PM Training

Classroom Training

Classroom training is the most common method of learning. It involves a live instructor teaching you and other students in the same room, using state-of-the-art equipment and software. The instructors provide a high level of support, answer questions and offer guidance during the class. This helps to ensure that everyone in the room learns at the same pace.

Online Training

The training uses the same technology as the traditional classroom but allows you to attend the classes from your own office or home. You will be able to communicate with other students in real-time, ask questions, and get answers from instructors as they are teaching.

Pre Recorded Videos

Training also offers pre-recorded videos of each lesson, which help students learn more effectively by making the concepts clear.

Why choose J Training for the SAP PM Training in Hyderabad?

SAP PM Training in Hyderabad

Expert Trainers: Our experienced trainers are certified SAP experts and consultants who have years of experience in the field. They will deliver the course practically and engagingly, making sure that all concepts are easy to understand and apply.

Accessible Course Materials: The SAP PM Training in Hyderabad course materials are available on our cloud-based learning platform and can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. This makes it easy for students to learn whenever they have free time and without the need to carry heavy books around.

Interactive Sessions: The SAP PM Training in Hyderabad Course includes interactive sessions to help students understand concepts better and apply them in real life.

Hands-on Experience: The course includes hands-on experience to help students apply their skills in real-life scenarios. Students get an opportunity to work on case studies and projects that help them master the concepts better.

Placement Assistance: J Training Provides placement assistance for  SAP PM Training in Hyderabad course  students. Placement assistance includes preparing students for interviews by providing mock interviews, helping them build their resumes and cover letter, and providing tips on how to impress recruiters.

Testimonials for SAP PM Training in Hyderabad

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I spent an excellent amount of time in JTrainings' SAP PM training in Hyderabad. The trainers were experienced professionals who shared their practical experiences and industry insights. I highly recommend JTrainings for SAP PM training. The course content was comprehensive, and the hands-on labs allowed me to apply my learning effectively.
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JTrainings' SAP PM training in Hyderabad changed my career forever. In addition to providing comprehensive training on PM concepts, the training methodology prioritized interaction, engaging participants in the learning process. Real-time examples were crucial to understanding the practical applications of SAP PM. I am deeply grateful to JTrainings for delivering such a valuable training experience.
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JTrainings' SAP PM training in Hyderabad was an enriching experience. The trainers were experts in the field and shared practical insights into PM implementation. The course material was well-structured, and the hands-on exercises allowed me to apply my learning effectively. The support from JTrainings' staff was commendable. Thank you for empowering me with SAP PM skills
Rajesh Rajesh
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I am extremely satisfied with JTrainings' SAP PM training. The trainers were highly skilled and provided personalized attention throughout the course. The training material was comprehensive and covered all the key aspects of PM. The hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios made the learning experience engaging and impactful. I highly recommend JTrainings for SAP PM Training in Hyderabad.
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The SAP PM Training in Hyderabad at JTrainings was a memorable experience. The trainers were outstanding mentors who guided us through the intricacies of PM implementation. The training sessions were well-paced, and the practical examples allowed me to gain hands-on experience. I am grateful that JTrainings is committed to providing top-quality training.
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In the SAP PM Training in Hyderabad, JTrainings provided a truly transformative experience. The trainers, equipped with extensive knowledge, guided us patiently, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each topic. Practical assignments and real-life scenarios enabled us to apply our learning effectively.
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I highly recommend JTrainings for SAP PM training in Hyderabad. The trainers were not only knowledgeable but also approachable, creating a comfortable environment for learning. The course content was well-structured, and the hands-on labs allowed me to gain practical expertise. JTrainings' commitment to delivering quality training is truly commendable."
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Enrolling in JTrainings' SAP PM Training in Hyderabad was a turning point in my career. The trainers' expertise and interactive sessions left a lasting impression. The course content covered all essential PM concepts, and the practical assignments allowed me to apply my learning effectively. I am grateful for the valuable training provided by JTrainings.
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I can confidently say that enrolling in JTrainings' SAP PM Training in Hyderabad was a pivotal moment in my career. The trainers, being highly experienced professionals, delivered engaging and interactive sessions that made a lasting impact on me. The course content was meticulously designed, covering all crucial PM concepts comprehensively. Integrating practical assignments and real-life scenarios allowed me to apply my learning effectively. I am sincerely grateful to JTrainings for their exceptional SAP PM Training program, which has played a vital role in my professional development.
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My experience with JTrainings' SAP PM Training in Hyderabad was truly exceptional. The trainers' extensive knowledge and practical insights into PM implementation were invaluable. The training program itself was well-structured, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Engaging in hands-on exercises enabled me to acquire practical expertise effectively. Without hesitation, I highly recommend JTrainings for their SAP PM Training in Hyderabad to anyone seeking quality training in this field.


SAP PM is an important certification for anyone who wants to work in the SAP field.

Not only does it help you stand out as a professional, but it also demonstrates your knowledge of the software and its features.

It is globally recognized and accepted as a certification that proves your ability to effectively manage projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Plant Maintenance Consultant is a technical expert who helps customers with the design, implementation and integration of SAP technologies. They work with clients to identify business challenges, determine how best to solve them with technology and then develop solutions that meet those challenges in a way that improves business processes.

The path to becoming a SAP Plant Maintenance Functional Consultant is typically through an undergraduate degree in computer science or software engineering, followed by several years of experience with systems development and implementation.

The course is job oriented and the students will get placement assistance.

The course curriculum includes classes that are held on Monday through Friday for 2 hours and will run 4 to 6 months in duration.

Yes, the course is open for international students as well.

No, there is no restriction on a student’s age but you need to be graduated.

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