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Training Modes:Online Training (Instructor Led)
Course Duration:30 Days
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About SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

ABAP is a computer programming language used by SAP to develop business applications.  It was developed in the early 1980s and has been used by SAP since its inception in 1992.

ABAP is an acronym for Advanced Business Application Programming, and it was designed as an alternative to COBOL. The main reason for developing ABAP was that companies wanted customized software to fit their particular needs.

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Program) is a powerful, systematic, and structured programming language designed specifically for the needs of business applications.

It provides an abstraction of technical processes and supports their efficient implementation in interactive situations, where people and machines work together

J Training offers SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad, They offer training on all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Their courses are designed for people without previous knowledge of programming languages or SAP systems.

SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad courses are provided by experienced instructors who have years of experience in the field. They offer a wide range of systems and services.

Key Points of SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad Curriculum

What is ERP
– Objective of ERP
– What is SAP?
– Advantages of SAP over other ERP Packages
– Different Modules of SAP
– Product Overview of Functional Module
– SAP Architecture
– One End to End Life Cycle Implementation, Support Phases

Login to sap                                                                                
– Work Processes                                                                                                      
– Transaction codes (/n and /o)                                                                   
– Data Types & Declarations                                                                                   
– Control Statements (if,case,do,while)                                               
– Control Program Sequence  Statements (Continue,Check,Exit) 

 Data Elements
– Domains
– Tables (Transparent, Pool and Cluster)
– Table Maintenance Generator
– Primary Key-Foreign Key Relationship
– Structures
– Index
– Type Casting
– Type Groups
– Table Types
– Views
– Search Helps
– Lock Objects

 Types,tables and work area declaration      
– Append,modify,insert,loop,read statements                                                                                                         
– Commands in ABAP (Refresh,free,clear,delete,exit,continue,check,stop,describe)           
– Control Break Statements (At New,At End of,At First,At Last)        
– Open SQL (Inner & Outer join,For all entries) 

Events (initialization, start of selection, at line selection, at user command, hide, top of page, end of page)                                                    
– GUI status creation                                                                                
– Demo Interactive program                                                            
– Debugging Techniques 

Defining selection screens-Parameters and Selectoptions,checkbox,radiobutton.
– Hiding input fields
– Modifying input fields
– Formatting selection screens
– Calling selection screen
– Useraction on the selection screen
– Selection screen processing
– Subscreens and tabstrip controls on selection screen

Function Groups
– Parameter Passing Mechanisms
– Different Parameters in FM
– Exception Handling
– Sample Function Modules
– Types of Function Modules
– Demo on RFC Function Modules
– Demo on Update Modules
– Enhancement & Modification

– Pass by value
– Pass by Reference
– Pass by value and answer       

– Type Pools
– Steps
– Field Catalogs
– Layouts
– FM used for Display Report
– Event Handling for Top of Page 

– Scrren Attributes
– Screen elements
– Screen fields
– Layouts
– Screen flowlogic
– User actions on screen
– Calling abap dialog modules
– Input checks
– Field help,Input help and Dropdown boxes
– Modifying screen dynamically
– Status icons
– Subscreens
– Tabstrip controls
– Custom controls
– Table control  

– Layout,Header,Pages,Windows,Page windows,Paragraph & Character formats
– Text Elements
– Open form,write form,control form,close form
– Control Commands
– Text Formatting Options
– Symbols (System,Standard,Pogram & Text)
– Debugging Script 

– Architecture
– Form Design
– Form Builder (Form Painter,Global Settings,Pages & Windows,Inferior Nodes)
– Application Program
– Language Conversions

– Types of BDC (Session and call transaction)
– File Handling on both application and presentation server
– Function modules for session method in detail
– Recording using SHDB
– Call transaction method in detail
– Display and Update modes                                                    
– Difference between Session method & Call transsaction method   

– Introduction about LSMW
– Objects of LSMW
– Steps in LSMW
– Difference between BDC & LSMW 

– SQL Trace
– ABAP Runtime Analysis
– Code Inspector

  • Architecture
  • Components
  • Controller
  • Context
  • UI definition 
  • Introduction about Workflow
  • Workflow Terminology (Events,Business Object,Methods,Business Workplace & Work Item,Rule Determination,Deadline Monitoring,Workflow transaction codes)
  • Introduction to BRF Workflow

Some of the topics that are covered in the SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad are :

Modes of Training -SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

Classroom Sessions

The lectures and classroom sessions are conducted by experienced trainers who have years of experience in ABAP Course. The training is conducted at the training center in Hyderabad. After every lecture and classroom session, you will be provided with a set of exercises that are designed to help you learn the concepts covered in that session.

Online Training

The Online Training is delivered through an online video conferencing platform, so students can participate from anywhere in the world. This is a popular form of training because it allows students to participate regardless of their physical location.

Pre recorded Videos

The pre-recorded videos are delivered through an online video conferencing platform. The advantage of this training method is that students can watch the videos at their own pace, and they don’t have to spend time attending lectures or participating in classroom sessions.

Why choose J Training for the SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad?

SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

Expert Trainers: Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced professionals with years of hands-on experience in the IT industry. They are experts in the field and love sharing their knowledge with others.

Personalized Training: The training curriculum is designed based on your specific requirements, so you can be sure that it will cover all relevant topics important for your organization’s growth.

Interactive Sessions: The training sessions are designed in such a way that they are both practical and interactive. You will learn by doing and performing actual tasks, rather than just reading theory books or listening to lectures.

Training Materials: All the training material is provided by the company itself, so you can be sure that it will be up-to-date with all relevant information and industry standards.

Testimonials for SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

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Having recently completed the SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad at JTrainings, I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with the training program's quality. The trainers, who are industry experts, imparted practical insights into ABAP programming that were invaluable for my learning journey. The inclusion of hands-on exercises and real-time scenarios played a vital role in enhancing my understanding of the intricacies of ABAP. I wholeheartedly recommend JTrainings for anyone seeking top-notch ABAP training. Their SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment in developing one's skills and expertise in ABAP programming.
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Participating in JTrainings' SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad was an exceptional learning opportunity that significantly enhanced my ABAP development skills. The trainers displayed immense patience and expertise, offering step-by-step guidance throughout the training program. The course material comprehensively covered ABAP concepts, ensuring a solid foundation. Including practical assignments, they were allowed me to practice and reinforce my ABAP coding skills actively. I sincerely thank JTrainings for providing such excellent SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad, which has undoubtedly contributed to my professional growth.
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The SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad provided by JTrainings proved to be a pivotal turning point in my career. The trainers, with their extensive knowledge and expertise, delivered the content highly effectively, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of ABAP programming. The course curriculum was thoughtfully structured, covering all the essential topics for mastering ABAP. Including hands-on exercises and practical scenarios they were allowed me to apply the acquired knowledge and skills, boosting my confidence in ABAP programming. I am immensely grateful to JTrainings for offering such a valuable SAP ABAP Training program in Hyderabad, which has positively impacted my career trajectory.
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If you aspire to become an ABAP developer, I highly recommend JTrainings' SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad. The trainers, experienced professionals in the field, offered comprehensive guidance and support throughout the training program. Including practical exercises and real-time examples has enabled me to apply my learning practically and gain hands-on experience. I am sincerely grateful to JTrainings for providing an exceptional training experience that has undoubtedly contributed to my growth as an ABAP developer. Thank you for the invaluable knowledge and skills imparted during the SAP ABAP Training program.
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My learning journey with JTrainings' SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad was fantastic. With their extensive experience and patience, the trainers ensured that all our doubts and queries were addressed effectively. The course content was meticulously curated, providing up-to-date information and covering various aspects of ABAP programming. The inclusion of hands-on exercises and practical examples played a pivotal role in solidifying my understanding of the subject matter. I am immensely grateful to JTrainings for its exceptional training program. Thank you for equipping me with valuable skills and knowledge in SAP ABAP.
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I cannot overstate JTrainings' SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad's impact on my technical skills. The trainers exhibited a wealth of knowledge and expertise, imparting invaluable insights through real-time scenarios and making the learning process highly engaging. The well-structured training material further facilitated a comprehensive understanding of ABAP concepts. I was particularly impressed by the exceptional support provided by the JTrainings team, who were always available to address any queries or concerns. I wholeheartedly recommend JTrainings' SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad to anyone seeking to enhance their skills in this field.
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I recently completed the SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad at JTrainings, and I must say it was a truly enriching experience. The trainers at JTrainings were highly dedicated and went above and beyond in providing detailed explanations of ABAP concepts. The training program included practical assignments and coding exercises, allowing me to apply my learning effectively and gain hands-on experience. I am sincerely grateful to JTrainings for their exceptional SAP ABAP Training program, which has significantly enhanced my skills in this domain.
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The SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad at JTrainings exceeded my expectations. The trainers were experienced professionals who shared real-world examples and best practices. The course material was comprehensive, and the hands-on practice sessions were invaluable. I feel confident in my ABAP programming skills, thanks to JTrainings.
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I had a wonderful learning experience with JTrainings' SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad. The trainers were knowledgeable and patient, guiding us through the intricacies of ABAP programming. The training environment was conducive to learning, and the practical exercises helped me develop my ABAP skills. Highly recommended
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The SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad at JTrainings was a transformative experience for me. The trainers were highly skilled and provided practical insights into ABAP development. The hands-on exercises and real-time scenarios helped me understand ABAP programming deeply. I am grateful to JTrainings for the quality training.


ABAP certifications are regarded as the best SAP certification that can be attained. ABAP is an acronym for Advanced Business Application Programming and it is one of the most popular programming languages in SAP. It enables developers to access SAP databases and create programs for business applications.

The ABAP certification is offered by SAP, a German software company that specializes in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other business applications. The exam is designed to test your knowledge of the SAP programming language and its usage in SAP development projects.

You can enroll now to get your ABAP certification today!

Benefits of SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

Skills Developed Post SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

Career Opportunities in SAP ABAP

ABAP is used in various organizations to build applications and integrate systems. You can use ABAP as a developer or programmer in organizations like TCS, Infosys, HCL, etc.

Pre Requisites of SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad

SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad is a technical course. You need to have a basic knowledge of programming concepts such as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Data Structures and Algorithms, etc. You should also know how to write Java programs using Eclipse IDE.

Market Trend in SAP ABAP Training

Approximate Payscale

Frequently Asked Questions

ABAP is a programming language used in SAP applications. It stands for Advanced Business Application Programming.

The major difference between the two programming languages is that while Java can be run on any device, ABAP runs only on SAP systems.

You should enroll yourself in an SAP ABAP training in Hyderabad and learn the basics of OOPs, Database Concepts etc.

You can work as an ABAP Developer or Consultant with companies like TCS, Infosys, HCL etc.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent.

For Learning SAP ABAP Training in Hyderabad, You should have a good knowledge of C/C++ and OOP concepts.

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